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So why is it that I always end up with rediculous work situations? How can you make one person work overtime one week and then NOT AT ALL the next. I want my paycheck, obviously, but it's not going to be much better than it usually is. We get paid every two weeks, but now I'm only going to have a week's salary on it. So the point of all that overtime was what, praytell.

This bullcrap doesn't pay my morgage.

"It's hard to argue with two thousand years of Chinese traditions, but truthfully I'm more scared of my morgage payments."

Well spoke, B.D. Wong.

But at least my house is going to be rediculously clean. Since that's what I do when I don't have anything else to do.

And seriously, just because I'm the only one at work who has a camera and photoshop and might venture to call oneself an amateur photographer does not mean I can fix your snapshot disasters. I cannot fix when you use flash two inches from the subject, I cannot fix when your subject isn't even in focus let alone FRAMED, I cannot fix when your subject looks like it wants to bite the hand that feeds. Yes, taking photos of pets is not easy, but I could have gotten at least ONE decent shot. Hell, I could have gotten a better photo with my camera phone. But I am not a miracle worker, and I cannot "make bricks without clay". So yes, I'll happily print them. But I cannot and will not edit them this time. I know a lost cause when I see one. x.x

So, off I go to finish cleaning and manage my checkbook.

And check out tv. I think leverage is on tonight, yes.


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